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Are you thinking of selling your St Louis home?  If you are looking for home selling advice you have come to the right place! .... Especially if you want to get it "SOLD THIS TIME"!

My name is John Williams and I am a real estate broker in St Louis. I have helped home sellers for over 30 years successfully sell their homes. Many of these homes had previously been on the market with other REALTORS and had failed to sell.

As a potential home seller, you may be wondering...

  • Will my property be found by buyers and/or their agents searching for homes like mine?
  • Will the buyers and/or the agents choose to visit my home based on the photos, description, and any additional information?
  • Will the my property's condition encourage or discourage them
  • Will my terms of purchase encourage or discourage them
  • Will my price be right?

If your home is currently not listed and you want to sell, one or all of the following special offers may be right for you!

Special Offer #1: We are connected to 1000s of home buyers looking right now. Get Matched (and save $$$)!

These buyers are looking at homes on the Internet but they are not finding out about yours because it is not actively for sale. Would you like us to see if we can match your home to any of these buyers? If one of these buyers purchases your home, you can save thousands of dollars

Special Offer #2: Home Pricing Evaluation

Free pricing consultation to help you identify where you home get top dollar for your home when you go back on the market. You can get a quick home pricing evaluation at St Louis Home Prices but we encourage an onsite evaluation to make sure all market factors are evaluated.

Special Offer #3: Free Report Download

Get the report right now on "Top questions to ask yourself before you list your home". These questions will help you think through the process of getting your home sold, quickly and for top dollar.

Get These Free Special Offers

Special offer for St Louis Area Homeowners

Learn how you can get your home sold and save on commission! Listen to this FREE recorded message 1-800-448-7035 ext. 8009

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Buyer Match, Onsite Home Valuation, and the Free Report 'Top Questions you need answered before you list your St Louis home!'

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